SQL that causes a Full Table Scan (FTS)

  • Nonequality comparisons
  • Column_name IS NOT NULL
  • All NOT Conditions
  • SUBSTR(column_name)
  • Column_name BETWEEN .. AND ..
  • Condition 1 OR Condition 2
  • All Aggregates – SUM, MAX, MIN, AVG, COUNT
  • ANY
  • ALL
  • INDEX (column_name)
  • Column_1 || Column_2 = value
  • Column_name LIKE
  • Missing WHERE Clause


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The Day Made Me to Create a Blog…!!!

Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

–Albert Einstein

Today is one of the greatest day in my life as today I created my first Blog to share my learning experience and to learn from experts.

I usually think I don’t want to waste today as a normal day. I want learn something known or unknown.

But I am not doing this regularly. So I want to learn regularly and want others also learn from my leanings.

So I decided to create this blog and gonna to share the things.

Have a nice day.