The following are the key points about Encapsulation.

  1. Wrapping of data and code into a single unit is called Encapsulation.
  2. In Java, the data and the code are encapsulated. The client able to access a field through a getter and setter.
  3. Setters are called mutators; it allows the client to set the data in which owner can write the validation code.
  4. Getters are called assessors; the client is allowed to get the data.

Advantages of Encapsulation

  1. If the owner changes the characteristics, it will not affect all the client codes.
  2. Client cannot access the data directly. So, unambiguous data is avoided.
  3. Tight encapsulation is a good encapsulation. This means owner provides only getter to the clients.

How Encapsulation is achieved ?

We can achieve encapsulation in the following ways by,

  1. Making all the fields as private
  2. Providing getter and setter

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