Remove dot (.) in the result from decimal values in Teradata

In Teradata if I export decimal(18,0) values to a file the dot(.) is appended with the values.Example : If the value is 123 in a table then the 123. is stored in a file. to avoid this issue we can useCAST(CAST(SUM(a.amt) AS CHAR(20)) AS DECIMAL(18,0) FORMAT’Z(20)9′) as Amthere amt is a decimal(18,0) value.Z, when used with integer types implies a place holder for a digit, which if there are no digits, could be supplemented with a space. 9, on the other hand will supplement a missing digit with 0so if you do ZZ formating for 7, you get 799 formating will give 07and Z9 formating will also give 7but ZZ formating of 0 gives two space characters

where as Z9 formating of 0 will give 0

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What Makes a Man Successful

The below are some of the qualities of a good person,

  •     one who is kind and compassionate.
  •     honest and hard working.
  •     self control and is respectful when he speaks to any women.
  •     willing to be corrected or counseled by you.
  •     faithful and reliable, he is able to forgive you when you do wrong.
  •     humble, generous and is a peacemaker as well.
  •     knows how to control his temper and has concerns for others.
  •     stays confident of himself.
  •     fears God and is obedient to his word.
  •     is not a jealous.
  •     always has a positive outlook on life.

The above qualities doesn’t make a Man Perfect. But if any one having the above qualities then that person will be Good Man and not a perfect Man.
Story :

The Student, who is studying his graduation in a reputed college. He has many talents inside him.Even though he has many talents, he is struggling to get the pass mark.the reason behind his struggling is, he is not interested in his studies.If we do not have interest in our work then obviously we will not get a positive or better result/outcome. Somehow he managed and passed in all the exams.

He started earning the money and he bought a new camera as he inspired by his friend. Once he got the camera his mind works in a different way to click the photos(Nature Photos). Now he has a interest on Nature photography. During his college days he didn’t spent even one hour for his studies but now he is spending more than four hours to take one snap.As a result of this whatever picture he is taking is Awesome.So he is passionate about Nature photography. Now, he is enjoying his work(Photography) as he has passion on Nature photography.So if we have passion then surely we will success one day.

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