Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Data warehousing is a process for properly assembling and managing data from various servers to answer business-critical questions. The Teradata Database is ideal for enterprise data warehousing, which is commonly characterized by:

  • Multiple subject areas
  • Many concurrent users
  • Many concurrent queries, including ad-hoc queries
  • Large quantity of tables
  • Hundreds of gigabytes (and terabytes) of detail data
  • Historical data stored (months or years)

Without an enterprise data warehouse, a financial institution may be able to identify profitable customers for separate products such as mortgages or credit cards, but not know the overall profitability of each customer. An enterprise data warehouse brings together the different subject areas into a central repository, creating “one single view of the business ” for a complete picture of the customer.

An enterprise data warehouse environment built on the Teradata Database simplifies the system maintenance task, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, the Teradata Database’s ability to handle large-scale, decision-support queries against huge volumes of detail data makes it the obvious choice for companies wanting to start at any level and grow.


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