Water Level Challenge

Water Level Challenge

There’s a toy boat floating in a pool. Place a lead ball

challenge image

challenge image

in the boat (without sinking it), and measure the level of

water in the pool. Now take the ball out of the toy boat and

drop it into the pool, and measure the water’s level again.

Will the two water level measurements be different, if so

which will be higher?

Solution :

Yes  the water level will differ.

Boat carrying lead will rise water to level equal to its density and without lead it will have lower level.

So boat with lead will have higher water level.




Salesman Native or visitor problem

Salesman Native or visitor problem

In an Island the natives lie and visitors speak truth. A man wants to know whether a salesman beside him in a bar is a native or visitor. He asked him to ask a woman beside him whether she is a native or visitor. He replied “she says she is a visitor”. Then he knew that the salesman is a native or visitor. Salesman is in which category, native or visitor?


two cases are the woman can be a native or a visitor..

a) if she is a native then she should have lied saying she is a visitor which is reported truly.. so the salesman is a visitor

b) if she is a visitor then she should have told the truth and again the truth is reported so salesman is a visitor..

so the salesman can only be a visitor


Two Buckets Water Problem

Two Buckets Water Problem

We have two buckets, 1 of capacity 3liter and another of 5 litter. We have 5 litters of water. So how will we make combinations such that 1 bucket will have exactly 4 litters of water?


First pour 5 liter of water in 3 liter container

now you will have 2 liter remaining in 5 liter

now empty the 3 liter and fill it with 2 liter from the 5 lit container

now take 5 liter and pour one more liter to 3 liter container

now you are left with 4 liter in 5 liter container

Policeman Thief Problem

Policeman Thief Problem

A thief is capable of running 20kms a day. A policeman who is to catch the thief can run 1km on the 1st day, 2kms on the 2nd day and so on. Then how long will it take the policeman to catch the thief?

Solution :

 Let n be no. of days be “n”
n (n+1)/2=20*n
on solving n=0 or n=39
n=0 is not possible, so n=39

39 days