Data Profiling Process

Data Profiling Process

After you create a data profile, you can run the profile session and view the results in a report.

The following steps describe the data profiling process:

  • Create a data profile.
  • Run the profile session.
  • View the reports.

1. Create a data profile. Use the Profile Wizard in the Designer to create a data profile based on a source definition and a set of functions. The Profile Wizard generates a mapping and a session based on criteria that you provide.

2. Run the profile session. You can choose to run the profile session when you finish the Profile Wizard, or you can run it from the Profile Manager. The Integration Service runs the session and loads the profile results to the Data Profiling warehouse.

3. View the reports. View the Data Profiling report associated with the profile session. Based on the type of profile report, you can view reports from the Profile Manager or from Data Analyzer.